Empowering disciples through lifelong learning.

What if our vision is a church full of curious disciples eager to continue learning and forever mining treasures of their faith? We commit to this vision by partnering with them and their leaders to ensure access to high-quality, well-grounded formation materials and lifelong learning opportunities which are well-coordinated and well-communicated through a single umbrella—Emmaus.

As lifelong learners we recognize the beauty and gift of the Emmaus story. Cleopas and companion share their recognition and new insights with one another as a result of Christ’s inspiration and turn those insights into actions. It is a learner-to-learner-with-Christ model.

Emmaus is for all ages, levels of expertise and learning styles. Participants may choose to engage in online or in-room workshops, webinars and conversation groups.

Emmaus is learning how to be a congregational treasurer, minister to grieving people, implement the “Growing Young” strategy, lead from your strengths and/or care for creation.

Emmaus is a new way to engage in education around the Bible, Theology and Ethics, Lutheran
Confessions, Church History and Worship taught and facilitated by a faculty of qualified pastors in the Nebraska Synod.

Each quarter Emmaus will offer a new schedule of classes and workshops. Schedule and registration will be posted on the web site. Topics will vary based on needs and interest. The Emmaus: Lifelong Learning Team will curate resources, establish the schedule, set fees and recruit presenters always keeping in mind the vast diversity of the Nebraska Synod.

Whether you’re discerning a call to rostered ministry, stepping into lay leadership or ready to go deeper as a growing disciple, Emmaus: Lifelong Learning is for you.

Testimonial: Lauren Spilinek

"As I come back from Emmaus , I am very excited to grow the theology that was planted. But I am more excited to see how this experience will help me share the good news with others even in the times when I'm not sure where I am going." 

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Preaching Luke during Christmas & Epiphany

Luke's gospel lessons will be explored to help equip preachers in their proclamation of Luke’s vision and expectations of what God is doing through the person and mission of Jesus

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Reclaiming the ‘V’ Word

Join us as we read chapter by chapter the first half of Dave Daubert and Tana Kjos’s Reclaiming the “V” Word: Renewing Life at Its Vocation Core

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Generations Growing Together

Join Lisa Kramme and other participants for three sessions online, inviting others from your congregation who would like to team up to learn and practice meaningful ways to connect with youth and young adults in your area. The dates of the course will be October 26, November 2 and November 9.

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Bible 101

Walk away knowing more about the history of the Bible, how Christians and specifically Lutherans approach the Bible and how the 5 c's of the Bible make up the big story that we all are wrapped in today.

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Staff Contact:

Deacon Sunni Richardson

Director for Leadership Development