Stewardship Resources for You and Your Congregation

There are always new resources emerging related to stewardship. Deacon Timothy Siburg alongside the Nebraska Synod Stewardship Table works hard to curate and create as needs dictate, and manages the stewardship resource list for the Nebraska Synod.

Nebraska Synod Stewardship Table and Speakers Bureau

The purpose of the Nebraska Synod Stewardship Table is to equip ministry leaders to grow stewardship in their respective contexts. Secondarily, it aims to grow individuals in their personal stewardship practices.

Among the Stewardship Table’s activities are providing access to stewardship resources, offering a speakers bureau to congregations, providing stewardship coaching, and piloting stewardship training and experiments.

Churchwide Stewardship Resources

Where you can find all of the wealth of stewardship resources available from the larger ELCA in one click.

Timothy’s Best Practices

A starting place of ideas of stewardship ministry best practices to consider or remember, no matter where you are in your congregation’s stewardship work and ministry. Download the pdf here.

The Nebraska Synod’s Cross+Generational Ministry Network

Formed in 2020, the Cross+Generational Ministry Network (formerly Nebraska Synod 4G Network) approaches stewardship and discipleship from a cross+generational perspective and lens. This website is updated regularly with resources for different liturgical seasons to be used at home and with your congregation.

“Go and…” Preaching on Stewardship for 2023-2024

Wondering how to build on the ‘Go and…’ themes in preaching? How about connecting them to larger lenses of stewardship and discipleship? This resource created based on the RCL readings for the 2023-2024 ministry year provides some helpful questions, observations, and ideas to consider in preaching and planning for the year ahead. Download Here.

“Go and…” Tidbits for a Fall Stewardship Campaign

Using the themes of ‘Go and…’ and the three-prong principles of stewardship, “Ask, Thank, Tell,” this resource offers tips for implementing and successfully executing a meaningful fall stewardship campaign in your unique congregational context. It is designed to be utilized as three-month stewardship emphasis, but can easily be adapted to a year-long focus.  Download Here.

Narrative Budget

One tool for telling the story of ministry is a narrative budget which connects the numbers on a page with the ministry that they represent and make possible. This resource is a step-by-step look at how you might create a narrative budget for your congregation. Download the pdf here

Online & Digital Giving Options & Tools

A brief overview of some of the more common digital and online giving tools that Nebraska Synod congregations utilize. Download the pdf here.

What is Stewardship? Handout

A one-page starting place overview for basic stewardship principles, Biblical grounding, and theological perspectives about stewardship, giving, and our response to God. Download the pdf here.

Weekly Stewardship Preaching Ideas

Deacon Timothy Siburg blogs often on his blog site, which usually includes a weekly post for preaching ideas about stewardship and discipleship.

Stewardship Nuts & Bolts Powerpoint

The full powerpoint from Deacon Timothy’s ‘Stewardship Nuts & Bolts’ he offered through EMMAUS is available for download here.

Stewardship of Life Institute

The Stewardship of Life Institute provides a weekly stewardship commentary based on the readings of the revised common lectionary. (Deacon Timothy is a regular contributor to this column.) The institute also provides financial grant opportunities for individuals and congregations to experiment with and explore different possibilities for ministry related to stewardship.

Resourceful Servants

Financial wellness resources from the ELCA.

Nebraska Synod- Grateful for you and all that you continue to do

A brief video conversation of gratitude from Deacon Timothy Siburg and Nebraska Synod Director for Administration and Finance, Stephanie Liusenski.

Ways to Support Ministry Handout

A brief overview of some of the ways you can contribute to the ministry of the Nebraska Synod financially. Download the pdf here.

Stewardship Sermons from the Nebraska Synod

One way that we are church together is by lifting voices from across the whole synod to tell the story of God’s work and on-going work- in, for, through, and with God’s people today. Here are messages and sermons from synod staff and other synod voices, including some particularly grounded in stewardship themes which can be used or reflected on in your congregation’s practices, worship, or faith formation experiences.

Embracing Stewardship Resources

In 2017 and 2018, stewardship experts and authors Rev. Chick Lane and Grace Duddy Pomroy were on the ground with us in the Nebraska Synod sharing their wisdom. From their visits, these resources were created and shared. Browse resources.

Stewardship and Transformational Ministry

An overview presentation about stewardship for congregation’s looking to grow deeper in the Transformational Ministry process. Download the pdf here.

Stewardship Best Practices During a Time of Pandemic

During the heart of the COVID pandemic, a number of questions began to emerge that continue to emerge about stewardship. This was but one overview resource that was created with stewardship and this challenging time in mind. Perhaps there may be some questions or ideas useful for your congregation now in this as you imagine life on the emerging other side of this pandemic. Download the pdf here.

Stewardship Speakers Bureau:

The Nebraska Synod Stewardship Table offers the following individuals to speak, potentially preach, and work with your congregation on stewardship education:

  • Bob Bauerle, Southwood Lutheran/Lincoln – – (402) 416-0210
  • Jason Gerdes, Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries – – (402) 944-3535
  • Rev. Emily Johnson, Christ Lutheran/Louisville – – (402) 298-8429
  • Rev. Sylvia Karlsson, Bertrand – – (308) 995-7161
  • Jeanine Mohr, Immanuel Lutheran/Chadron – – (308) 432-5144 (available to speak, but not to preach)
  • Rev. Kat Montira, St. Peter’s Lutheran/Pender – – (402) 385 – 2513
  • Deacon Timothy Siburg, Director for Mission, Innovation and Stewardship, Nebraska Synod – – (402) 896-5311


Deacon Timothy Siburg
Deacon Timothy Siburg

Director for Mission, Innovation and Stewardship