Curious about lifelong learning?

Practicing the piano, working on your batting skills, testing a new recipe, or trying your hand at quilting all were partnered with practice. The same is true as we seek to grow in our relationship with God, deepen our understanding of scripture and develop spiritual practice habits.

Designed for curious disciples wanting to continue learning as growing disciples Emmaus: Lifelong Learning offers short term courses for all ages, levels of expertise and learning styles. Participants have the opportunity to engage online or in-person through book discussions, workshops, webinars, and conversation groups. Whether you’re discerning a call to rostered ministry, stepping into a lay leadership role or ready to go deeper as a growing disciple, Emmaus: Lifelong Learning is for you.





The Road to Emmaus story found in Luke 24:12-35 brings to life the importance of being curious and engaging in lifelong learning.

 Cleophus and his companion were walking the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus totally absorbed in their thoughts and believing they knew all there was to know about what had just transpired in Jerusalem. A stranger, who we know was Jesus, came along side and as they walked. He listened to their story filled with grief and disappointment but did not let the story end there. He opened their eyes to the big picture story as he explained, beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, what the scriptures said about him. —- They continued on their journey and when they drew near to the village, they urged him to join them for the night. Jesus obliged. Gathered at the table, Jesus took the bread, gave thanks, broke it, and offered it to them. At that moment they recognized him. —– Jesus disappeared and they immediately went to go tell the others that Jesus was alive.

Like the companions on the road to Emmaus we experience ah-ha moments when we lean in with curiosity and are ready to learn. As growing disciples, we recognize the importance of engaging in conversation, building relationships with neighbors, taking time to study, and growing our relationship with God. We are transformed we practice active listening, are open to new ideas, put our newfound knowledge to work and share with others.

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Deacon Sunni Richardson

Director for Leadership Development