Fall Leadership Gathering 2023

A gathering of leaders serving in the Nebraska Synod as pastors, PMAs, deacons, Faith Formation directors and in other key staff positions.

Why Does This Matter? An Invitation to the Fall Leadership Gathering

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

Matthew 9: 37-38

Most years following our Fall Gathering event, the synod staff have sent out a survey to everyone who attended, asking for feedback on how things went.  What has been interesting to me is that the feedback each year is usually the same.  Around a third of the participants wish there had been more time devoted to intellectual, scholarly pursuits such as a debate on theology.  Another third wish there had been more time devoted to practical ministry matters, such as new innovative thinking on reshaping the church.  And another third wish there had been more quality time together with colleagues.  All three of these areas are equally important of course.  But this perennial conundrum of what content to include in our Fall Event led me to ask a much bigger question:  Why do we gather once a year in the first place?  Is it a theology conference?  A strategy meeting for future church?  A chance to vent and destress with likeminded colleagues? Continue Reading


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Rev. Stacey Nalean-Carlson
Keynote Summary & Bio
Martin Malley
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Bishop Scott Alan Johnson
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In an effort to lift up many of the various and valuable partnerships we share in the ministry, we will be holding the Partners In Ministry Banquet on Monday, October 23. A reception will begin in the conference center’s dining room at 5:30 PM with dinner at 6:00 PM.  

The program for the evening will include recognition of our rostered ministers and Parish Ministry Associates who are celebrating retirement and milestone anniversaries of ordination, consecration, commissioning and certification.

The Partners in Ministry Banquet is included in the Fall Leadership Gathering registration. If you are not registered for the full gathering and are coming for just the Banquet you need to register using the separate registration option.

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Additional Resources

  • Open 12 Step Meeting

    Otto Schultz will be hosting an open 12-Step Meeting over lunch Tuesday.  An open meeting is open to anyone who is merely interested in learning more about how 12 Step Recovery works as well as to those of us who would like to catch a meeting to support our own continued recovery.  People may be in recovery not only from alcohol, drug, or food dependence but also any of the process addictions like work, sex, or gambling.  Most importantly, it is open to people with codependency.  This last category includes virtually everyone engaged in a pastoral care profession.  Those wishing to join the Open 12-Step Meeting are encouraged to move to the front of the lunch line then take your lunch to the meeting.

    Otto B. Schultz, M.Div., LADC (Ret) is Project developer with Faith Partners Nebraska – “Prevention Committed—Recovery Friendly”.  You can reach Otto at 402-770-1974 or OttoBSchultz@Outlook.com.

  • Vitality Cohort Luncheon Meeting

    Congregation leaders who participated in the first Cohort (2021-2023) are gathering for conversation over lunch.  Please proceed to the front of the lunch line, get your lunch, and head to the assigned meeting room. For more information, contact Deacon Timothy Siburg.