Together we can do more

The mission of God is at work through community, relationships, and partnerships of the church across the three expressions of the ELCA- congregations, synods, and ELCA Churchwide.

The Nebraska Synod’s ministry happens and is supported in part through partnerships like these:

Mission Share

Your congregation’s participation in mission share makes the work of the whole church possible. By participating in it, each congregation of the Nebraska Synod does some of God’s on-going work through ministry both in their community locally and around the globe, changing lives.

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ELCA Partners in Ministry

Our shared partners of the synod from the ELCA Mission Investment Fund, Lutheran Giving, and Portico.

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Mission Field Nebraska

Mission Field Nebraska ministries build partnerships that address critical needs within the Nebraska Synod by caring for those in need; providing a spiritually welcoming place for newcomers to our communities, our state and our nation; and seeking to share the Gospel in places where the church has traditionally been unfamiliar.

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Serving Arms

Serving Arms are ministry partners and organizations that are understood to be serving arms of the church through which essential work is done to help carry out the work and ministry of the Nebraska Synod.

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