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Seeking the Spirit Within is the Nebraska Synod, ELCA’s response to an ever-increasing need for qualified individuals to provide spiritual direction and facilitate spiritual retreats.  We have been training and certifying spiritual directors for the past 14 years through our 2-year program.

We are seeking a new director to serve as the leader for our training institute and oversee other initiatives intended to foster the spiritual growth of others. The ideal candidate will have a deep experiential knowledge of spiritual practices and spiritual direction, and have a passion for helping others to grow in their spiritual life.

If you are interested in this position, please send inquiries and/or resume to our board president, Brad Meyer pastorbrad@rejoiceomaha.org


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Spiritual Director Training Program of the Nebraska Synod

Discerning a call towards serving as a Spiritual Director?

The Nebraska Synod offers a two-year program of development for people sensing a call to be spiritual directors.

Spiritual Directors walk with others who are seeking to deepen their spiritual lives. The mission of Seeking the Spirit Within is helping to ensure that people everywhere in Nebraska have access to that kind of accompaniment. To help fulfill that mission, we offer a high-quality certificate program in becoming a Spiritual Director.

Participants will meet regularly with a small group of other students and a certified spiritual director to study materials, deepen their understanding of the practices and principles of spiritual direction, and develop the skills necessary to serve as a spiritual director.

After two years of study and successful completion all requirements, students are certified as spiritual directors. We encourage all our certified spiritual directors to join our Reflective Practices team as well as continuously meet with their own spiritual director.

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Remember, it is up to you to choose your spiritual director wisely. You are encouraged to speak with one or two directors in order to establish a comfortable fit for you and the director.


Staff Contacts:

Deacon Connie Stover

Director of Seeking the Spirit Within

Shirley Knight

Assistant Director of Seeking the Spirit Within