Ready, Set, Go! In the Great Commission, Jesus calls us to GO. We are taking those words to heart.

At Nebraska Synod Assembly we launched our year-long focus to “Go And…” We invite you to be part of this call to GO! During Synod Assembly, we leaned in as God’s people called, gathered, and sent to “Go And…”.    We kicked-off a year with 12 intentional themes inviting you to pray; listen; share your story; serve with neighbors; ask; be honest; be present; rest; have the conversation; be intentional; tell the story; and be the church.

Each month, the Synod Staff will provide an introduction to the theme, along with reflection questions, a prayer, and suggested hymn or worship songs. Resources will be available for download and can be utilized for bulletin inserts, newsletters, worship slides, or social media posting. Additional resources will be posted here so that you can utilize them in your Bible Studies, Adult Forums, Faith Formation discussions, discipleship reflections at home, and more.

There is a wealth of ideas out there! Co-create with us this year by sharing your ideas and experiences. We learn from each other and your idea may be just what someone else is looking for. Share how you are engaging with these themes and help inspire others to Go and…! Send your information to or post on social media using the hashtag #GoAnd.

Together, all 90,000 of us, will be focused on responding to Christ’s sending in the Great Commission, to GO and…, and to really live out the joy and hope of Pentecost!

Download the Full ‘Go and..’ Summaries

Download ‘Go and…’ Stewardship Preaching Ideas

Fall Stewardship Campaign Tips 

‘Go and…’ Advent Mid-week Worship Guide

‘GO AND…’ Lenten Worship Guide


Go and... Themes

Go and... Pray (June)

Prayer is the grounding for our relationship with God.

'Pray' Resources
Go and... Listen (July)

How do we listen with our full selves?

'Listen' Resources
Go and... Share Your Story (August)

We all have a story to share!

'Share Your Story' Resources
Go and... Serve With Neighbors (September)

Love grounds us as we engage with our neighbors.

'Serve with Neighbor' Resources
Go and... Ask (October)

As followers of Jesus, we are called to wrestle with questions.

'Ask' Resources
Go and... Be Honest (November)

Honesty requires vulnerability, awareness, and a willingness to really listen.

'Be Honest' Resources
Go and... Be Present (December)

We are invited to pause, be still, and be fully present in this holy season.

'Be Present' Resources
Go and... Rest (January)

What brings you rest?

'Rest' Resources
Go and... Have THE Conversation (February)

Faith-filled disciples are called to be honest and engage with each other in Christ-like love.

'Have THE Conversation' Resources
Go and... Be Intentional (March)

This means showing up, being present, and diving in deep as disciples.

'Be Intentional' Resources
Go and... Tell the Story (April)

Go out, go share, go proclaim, and go tell the story!

'Tell The Story' Resources
Go and... Be Church (May)

Everybody has something to offer – Let’s Go!

'Be Church' Resources

For more season resources for the entire family, check out our Cross+Generational Resources Page at