Boundaries & Inclusion Training

Your Nebraska Synod is excited to launch a new rotational boundaries and inclusion training program this year.  No more hassle of keeping track of whether you are due for training or what level of training you need.  Everyone will cycle through one year of boundaries and ethics, followed by two years of inclusion (with a different focus each year).  The years will coincide with the liturgical calendar, so we are in Year B of training.  Year B (or BE) covers Boundaries and Ethics in one session.  All sessions are on Zoom, except for one in-person training specific to PMAs available prior to PMA Convocation.  Registration for the PMA session is available now.  Registration for all other sessions will open Friday, March 1.  Register for the one session that works with your schedule.  The one-day training (10 – 4 Central/9 – 3 Mountain).

Cost: $25. Continuing Education Hours: 5

All rostered ministers and PMAs are required to take Boundaries and Ethics this year no matter when your last training was.  Boundaries and Ethics will not be offered again until 2027.

Presenter: Rev. Heidi Wallace, Assistant to the Bishop

Originally from Minnesota, Heidi Wallace attended Winona State University where she double majored in Elementary Education and Special Education with a minor in Language Arts. After teaching reading, coaching speech, and directing theatre for several years, she finally answered the call to ordained ministry. She graduated from Luther Seminary and was ordained in 2009. Most recently, she served as Pastor of Bethany Evangelical Lutheran and First Presbyterian Churches in Lyons, Nebraska. She loves her nephews and godchildren, puzzles, documentaries, decluttering, and preaching.


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