Nebraska Synod Candidacy

Candidacy is a process which allows individuals to graciously discover, through the nurturance of mentors, congregations, and others, how and where to serve according to the Spirit’s leading.

In partnership with the larger church, the candidacy committee is committed to the intentional identification and support of those whom God has given the gift of missional imagination and the ability to provide leadership in the church. The ELCA churchwide candidacy process is a formalized – yet personally and relationally focused – journey that assists people in discernment for church leadership. It is a process of preparation and formation for those seeking to be rostered in the ELCA as ministers in Word and Sacrament or Word and Service.

Candidacy involves an active partnership among candidates, congregations, synods, seminaries, people of specific culture communities and churchwide.

ELCA seminaries, in consultation with other partners in the candidacy process, provide theological education for candidates, including academic certification, practical experience, and formation for ministry. Students have the opportunity to enroll as full time or part time students utilizing distance learning (DL) collaborative learning (CL) accelerated learning as well as the option of taking classes in a more traditional approach while living on campus. Financial assistance and scholarships are available.

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ELCA Application

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Candidacy Manual

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ELCA Seminaries

Learn more about ELCA Seminaries, resources for discernment, the candidacy process, and more!

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Articles & Reflections

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The Work of the Candidacy Committee

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Staff & Ministry Contacts:

Rev. Greg Berger

Assistant to the Bishop

Amy Woods

Executive Assistant to the Bishop and Roster Management