“As those called to leadership within the Body of Christ, we are blessed with opportunity and with responsibility.” – Bishop Brian Maas

More than a “boundaries workshop,” Essential Boundaries for Wise Leaders benefits participants in several ways, including:
  • enriching your understanding of “healthy boundaries” around personal time, health and wellness
  • helping the Nebraska Synod continue to be a healthy body with healthy leaders
  • renewing your sensitivity and awareness to safe practices as a faith leader
  • fulfilling our shared commitment to ministry with excellence and integrity
  • earning six (6) continuing education credits
  1. Attend one training every 3 years (Attend 101 first, then 201, etc.).
  2. Attendance is noted. We encourage congregations and call committees to be attentive to participation.
  3. Cost for 101 varies (see rates below). 201 is $50. Financial assistance is available upon request.
  4. There are no refunds. If the event is cancelled, or you are unable to attend, the cost of registration will be applied to the next training you are able to attend.
  5. Register online at one of the links below.
  6. If you’ve had healthy boundaries training in the last three years outside the Nebraska Synod, contact Rev. Megan Morrow, megan@nebraskasynod.org. Training certificate of completion must be sent to Essential Boundaries for Wise Leaders, Nebraska Synod ELCA, 6757 Newport, Suite 200, Omaha, NE 68152. You may opt for an alternative to “Essential Boundaries 101” once, but then must take 101.
  7. Participants may be up to 30 minutes late or leave no more than 30 minutes early in order to receive credit.

Scheduled Trainings

Essential Boundaries 101 - THE BASICS

Session I - Boundaries, Power and Vulnerability
Session II - Dating, Friendships, Dual Relationships, Gifts
Session III – Pulpit, Transference, Hugging & Touch, Intimacy
Session IV – Emerging Issues in Maintaining Healthy Boundaries
Session V – Preserving Boundaries: Personal & Professional Health

Essential Boundaries 201 - BEYOND THE BASICS

Session I – Core Material: Review of 101 Power & Vulnerability
Session II – Core Material: Self-Care and Wellness
Session III-V – Three modules that relate to the advance questions of the registered participants (Modules you will be asked to choose from: Internet & Social Media, Personal Finances, Church Finances, Sexual Attraction, Sexual Harassment, Gender Issues, LGBTQA+, Race, Others as they are made available)

Downloadable Forms & Resources

Staff Contact:

Megan Morrow
Rev. Megan Morrow

Assistant to the Bishop