The committee has responsibility of reviewing the finances of the Synod throughout the year.

Each year, the Synod Assembly adopts a synodical budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which runs from Feb. 1 through Jan. 31.

The process of developing the Synod budget begins with the Budget and Finance Committee, whose responsibility is to prepare and present a comprehensive budget to the Synod Council for its consideration and presentation to the Synod Assembly. The committee also has the responsibility of reviewing the finances of the synod throughout the fiscal year.

The Budget & Finance Committee also provides guidance and stewardship of the Nebraska Synod Endowment and the Nebraska Synod Hunger and Disaster Endowment.

The Synod budget typically funds four areas:

  • our partnership with ELCA Churchwide;
  • direct appropriations to serving arms;
  • Synod-administered ministries and programs;
  • administrative and operational expense.

Synod documents

Nebraska Synod Budget
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Audit Report
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Staff & Ministry Contacts

Dan Friedlund

Synod Treasurer

Bishop Scott Alan Johnson


Stephanie Lusienski

Director of Finance & Administration