What is Mission Share?

Mission Share is how every congregation does ministry that spans the globe.

Mission Share is a congregation’s undesignated offering that is shared with the Nebraska Synod and the larger ELCA. It is through congregational and individual support of mission share that the Synod and larger ELCA can: plant and support new and renewing congregations; develop and share new resources; send missionaries around the whole world; support the work of seminaries in raising up new pastors, deacons, and leaders; respond to human need through hunger and disaster ministries; and so much more.

Where Your Mission Share Goes

What does it mean to participate in Mission Share?

As members of the ELCA and the Nebraska Synod, our faith in a loving God frees us to be generous and to boldly participate in God’s work in the world. Giving in the church is no longer simply about paying the bills.

In years past, congregations have talked about concepts such as benevolence and apportionment. But those terms don’t adequately describe the impact and power of our work together as the church, which is made possible by the sharing of our financial resources throughout the greater church. Through mission share, congregations can together live out God’s call to love our neighbor. We are open to the Holy Spirit’s invitation to participate in and contribute to God’s work in the world using all of the gifts that God has entrusted to our care.


Stewardship starts with an understanding that all that we have, and all that we are, is God’s! When we think like this, we open ourselves up to the generosity and abundance of our loving God

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