Emmaus: Lifelong Learning – Accepting Students Now!

When asked to share a dream, Bishop Brian Maas responded, “a church full of curious disciples eager to continue learning and forever mining treasures of their faith”. Putting faithful actions steps to the vision provided the impetus to launch an expanded Emmaus: Lifelong Learning ministry has been launched.

Betty Heier, Emmaus Steering Team member from Wayne, shares her thoughts about Emmaus.

The business of the Emmaus Team is to provide a variety of opportunities for people to keep on learning. After all, is there ever a point when a person knows all there is to know? As an octogenarian myself, I certainly am not finished with my personal education. There is so much on so many topics that I still want to know about. I know I am not unique in my continuous search for knowledge. If you are like me, you will be excited to know that Emmaus offers a way to fill your desire to learn.

There will be classes or seminars on a variety of topics and issues that will be of interest to a wide range of individuals. Book discussions, exploring the Bible, focused Bible studies, how to establish successful multi-generational programs, understanding the role of specific elected or appointed congregational officers. These are some of the first offerings. There will be more as the Emmaus Team continues its work. As a member of the team, I’ll be glad to receive suggestions of what would interest you.

I joined the team because of my commitment to life-long learning. What excites me about this work is that as a team we will bring quality and variety to people of all ages and interests who want to expand their knowledge. We wrap our work in prayer, thankful for the Spirit’s guidance as we move forward. — Betty Heier

Click here for the fall course schedule and registration information.

Contact: Deacon Sunni Richardson, Director for Leadership Development