The Value of Gathering – Stories from Lutheran Youth of Nebraska (LYON) Assembly

“Why do we have LYON Assembly?”  This is a question each year’s LYON Leadership Team is asked.  If the only answer is, “Because we’ve always done it,” it’s probably time to let go of this ministry event.  Every year, however, there are compelling stories about its value as a ministry of the Nebraska Synod. Here are a couple recent stories:


Growing Connections & Remembering God’s Promise to Us

I am a senior in high school and a member at Family of Christ in Kearney.  I attended my first LYON Assembly last year, and I not only attended the Assembly but I also was a part of the LYON Leadership Team. The LYON Leadership Team is a group of high schoolers and a few adult leaders from across the state that come together each year to lead and plan the Assembly. Last year’s Assembly looked very different from past years due to COVID-19.  The LYON team had hoped we would be able to meet in person, unfortunately we did have to gather online instead. When we started planning the two things we decided were we were determined to have an Assembly, and that our theme was “God With Us.”  In a year that was different and scary, we wanted to make sure high schoolers and their adult leaders had something to look forward to and be reminded of that promise “God With Us.” Yes, LYON was different last year. We may have been separated by many miles, but what was not different was growing in connection with each other and with God and being reminded of that promise of “God With Us” always!  To me that is what LYON Assembly is all about, growing in faith and connections with God and each other. This year we are thankful to gather in-person again and explore “Faith over Fear”!

-Kate Reynolds


Opportunities for Faith Building & Group Bonding

The LYON Assembly has been an integral part of our youth ministry at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Wahoo for the past 20+ years.  The high school youth enjoy the time they can praise God alongside other youth from across Nebraska and have a chance to reunite with each other every year. Several of our high schoolers have served on the LYON board or the planning team throughout those years. The weekend event has been a focal point for our faith-building and group bonding.  I have also enjoyed the chance to be an adult guide for several planning teams throughout the years and developed life-long friendships with many adults and youth from across the state. The worship, music, service-learning events, workshops, and fun team building activities highlight the Assembly year after year. It never disappoints us, and we are always anxious to attend any Nebraska Synod Faith Formation event. We are so lucky to have a synod that understands the importance of reaching the young people from our church and helping them to develop their faith through the LYON Assembly, service trips like the Journey, and helping to promote and provide help in attending the ELCA Youth Gathering.

Thank you, Nebraska Synod Bishop Maas and the entire Nebraska Synod team, for your love and support of our young people!

-Judy Stukenholtz


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