Give a Gift that Keeps on Giving

He does not need a tie and really, they have enough candles. (No offense to anyone.) So why not give a gift that keeps on giving, a generous gift that will make a difference, a gift that will support the ministries and people you love with the exact kind of support they need and none of what they don’t need.

ELCA Good Gifts has a catalog of amazing gift ideas and each one is addressing a real need that the specific community has identified and solutions they believe will make the biggest impact.

Give an agricultural gift of fruit-tree seedlings, farmer field school for a woman, community vegetable garden or help a family spread their wings with the gift of chicks, a cow or a goat. If your friend or family member is focused on leadership give a gift of a week of seminary classes, school uniform or tuition credit. Health care opportunities include a clinic visit for a child, mosquito nets and nutritional support. Disaster response gifts, which Nebraskans have benefited from, include blankets, water filters, food and trauma counseling.

Check out the opportunities at Make your shopping easier by avoiding the crowd at the mall, the line at the post office and the returns. Give a gift that keeps on giving!