Continue the Season of Giving

As Christians, we know the Christmas season doesn’t end on December 25 – it begins! As you continue to celebrate the birth of Christ, we ask that you extend the season of giving as well. Check out the ideas below for a place to start. You can also access a printable version of this list here.


These years have been difficult and loneliness and depression preys on the shorter days of winter. Who do you know that needs a phone call? Call a friend and brighten their day or hand write a letter/note, and actually mail to family or friends, or someone who could use a pick me up.



Take some time today to clean out your linen closet. Take a little time tot think about how many pairs of sheets one bed actually needs… do you have extras? Find a local charity that gives the sheets to families in need and give someone else the gift of fresh sheets.




Do you know someone in your neighborhood that doesn’t have family near them? Could you go and grab some hot cocoa and some of the extra cookies and give to a neighbor who may not have as much joy as you do?



Did you know that you can give the gift of warmth to a family that is struggling with their bills this year? Go online or call your local power and utilities company and give a gifts to someone who can’t make their ends meet this winter season.



Did you know that knock-knock jokes never go out of style? Could you call a neighbor that has a child that is 5-10 years old and have a knock-knock joke-a-thon? Just do a search for knock-knock jokes on the internet to prepare. And if these aren’t your style could you have a riddle-a-thon with your family?



Take a few moments to write a note of thanks to someone who’s done a kind deed or meant something special in your life. You and the recipient will both be the better for it.




Among the most-needed and least-donated items at homeless shelters are underwear and socks. Consider getting a set of each—maybe one for each member of your household—and take to your nearest homeless shelter.



Contact a nursing home, hospital, or homebound person who may need help either reading Christmas cards or who would like to send some and has trouble with sight or writing. Schedule a time during the Christmas season to help them out.