Followers of Christ Prison Ministry

Through the Nebraska Synod's Followers of Christ Prison Ministry, we reach out to help prisoners in the Nebraska State Penitentiary system to know the transformational love of Jesus Christ.

Followers of Christ has touched countless lives and helped provide much needed spiritual support to those who have participated, particularly those who transition back from prison life to society at large. Followers of Christ connects with various other ministries and programs to provide incarcerated individuals with educational opportunities and family support to help them prepare for rentry, as well as programs that will assist them in post-prison life.

Every fall, Followers of Christ hosts an evening of food and fellowship to support three different prison ministries: (1) the Nebraska Synod's Followers of Christ of Prison Ministry, (2) Our Savior Lutheran Church's The FEAST, and (3) Bridges to Hope.

Location: Sheridan Lutheran Church, 70th and Old Cheney Road in Lincoln, NE.

Registration Deadline: 

Keynote Speaker: 

Participants can purchase a table or individual tickets. Check for future registrations.


Ministry Contact:

  • Rev. Rob Corum

    Director of Prison Ministry