The Quality of Call SenseMakers Pilot

What it’s about

The Nebraska Synod is 1 of 10 synods contributing to a new effort brought forth by Presiding Bishop Elizabeth’s Eaton’s Leadership Initiative. The Quality of Call pilot aims to collect the stories and experiences of women in ministry which will be used to promote equity in our synod.

How it works: 4 Step Process
  • Step 1: Digitally collect stories, during the week of September 26, or before, from rostered women currently in ministry to understand their experiences
    • Question: Think about a time when you experienced a sense of thriving and/or empowerment, or a sense of struggling and/or limitation, that affected you in your role in your ministry setting. What happened?
    • Use the link HERE – takes about 15 minutes
    • Stories are anonymous
  • Step 2: Together learn from the stories contributed and gather possible insights for action
  • Step 3: In the months to come, there will be a workshop in our synod to learn from the stories and explore how changes can be made to promote equity for women in ministry and empower the church to uplift the gifts of women in leadership.
  • Step 4: Apply for grants with the ELCA Quality of Call Initiative to assist in the change process.
Why It Matters

Your story matters! Your stories of the times you’ve been empowered to thrive in your call and the times you have been restrained or experienced discrimination matter and can be seeds for change.

  • The more stories that are shared allow for deeper understanding of the experiences of women in ministry currently serving in the Nebraska Synod and greater change to be made.
  • We ask that all women or femme identifying pastors, deacons, and interns currently serving in a call, on leave from call, or awaiting a call share 2-3 stories during the week of Sunday, September 26. You can share as many stories as you would like.


If you have any questions, please email the Quality of Call project coordinator for our synod, Pastor Allison Siburg at

If you are a woman or femme identifying rostered pastor, rostered deacon, or intern currently serving in a call, on leave from call, or awaiting a call and would like to share a story, click the button below.