New Beginnings

From the Desk of Bishop Maas


New Beginnings

In this month’s celebration of Easter, the theme of “New Beginnings” may not seem all that original, yet it would be a mistake to think that it’s a theme chosen solely because of the celebration of the Resurrection or the onset of spring (though both are reason to celebrate new beginnings!). In writing for this month’s e-news issues, we’re looking at the New Beginnings that break out around us all the time—the miracles that are always there if we only take the time to witness them, as others have pointed out before.

The miracle of New Beginnings happens when a relationship is mended in words of forgiveness; when someone decides to take a break from spending time on (anti-) social media and discovers a whole world of alternative perspectives and civility in dialog; when refugees arrive in this foreign-to-them country with no more than a stack of papers and a plastic bag full of belongings; when a desperate family finds a quality affordable skilled nursing community for Mom’s unexpected need; or when someone steeped in despair finds a flicker of hope in a sermon proclaimed or a congregation’s warm welcome.

Ours is a faith of New Beginnings. That core truth seeps into everything we do as a church and as individual disciples. Read this month’s articles with that lens in mind. Live each day of this month with the challenge—the invitation!—to see New Beginnings around you. The ancient Earth, in spite of its struggles with climate change and too-little moisture, is pushing up signs of newness all around in green shoots and plump buds. And we the Church again acknowledge the reality of death and utter loss on Good Friday, and dare to proclaim on Easter morning, “Christ is risen!” This greatest of all New Beginnings is our gift, our inspiration, our very life. May its power push up signs of new life in each of us, in all of us together, and in the discipleship it is our gift and privilege to share.

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