What’s Happening with EMMAUS

The Emmaus Leadership Academy was launched by a team of “what if?” thinkers who believed offering seminary-level classes on the Nebraska turf was a good idea. The Synod was blessed with seminary professors serving in Nebraska and there was a growing number of individuals eager to take theological classes but not eager to do online learning or move out of state. Why not?

An innovative team got the program moving and it worked! But things shifted. We hit a scheduling bump and then Covid brought in-person learning to a halt. Covid prompted seminaries to go full speed ahead offering a full range of online, distance learning courses which opened our minds to the idea of a broader-based learning platform.

Emmaus: Lifelong Learning emerged with a vision of empowering curious disciples eager to continue learning and forever mining treasures of their faith. Partnering with curious disciples, Emmaus is designed to ensure access to high-quality, well-grounded formation materials and lifelong learning opportunities through a single umbrella.

The name fits with the Luke “On the Road to Emmaus” story and the new logo is a reminder of the learning that takes place on the road. Think about the story. On the road, Cleopas and the companion are deep in thought and grief. They do not recognize Christ walking with them. They share the story of woe with Jesus. Jesus, always a teacher, opens the scriptures and enables them to see the big picture. Jesus leaves them doing a re-wind on the day’s events and realizing it was Jesus, they head back to Jerusalem to tell the others. A move that some would label as risky considering their leader had just been crucified. That’s the Emmaus story – curious disciples who are open to learning and eager to share.

Courses are offered for council members, those ministering to grieving people, faith formation specialists, care of creation advocates, budding theologians, and people ready to dive deep into confessions, church history, and worship. Emmaus is for adults of all ages, levels of expertise, and learning styles. The planning team is charged with curating resources, establishing the schedule, setting fees, and recruiting presenters keeping in mind the vast diversity of the Nebraska Synod.

Emmaus: Lifelong Learning offers opportunities for individuals and small groups in the Nebraska Synod and beyond. Whether you’re discerning a call to rostered ministry, stepping into lay leadership, or ready to go deeper as a growing disciple, Emmaus: Lifelong Learning is for you. Encourage the people whom you serve to check out the offerings at HERE.