Centering on Sabbath

Beloved BE, rest in me.

Walking in nature feeds my body, mind, and spirit. On one of my walks, a mantra bubbled up: Beloved be, rest in me.

Rest in me. I come from a long line of work-alcoholics. Letting go of my need to be productive, of proving my worth has been a bit of a journey.  I became intentional when I facilitated Journey of Renewal, a yearlong wellness initiative. As I invited church leaders to practice sabbath keeping as a prayer practice, I wanted to be authentic and began this practice too.

Over the years, sabbath keeping has looked different as life changed.  At times practice was on Sundays. A day to worship God, meals were simple, often sabbath included a nap, painting, reading, or connecting with family. It was a time to fill my reservoir, to recharge.  As my pattern of work has changed, I have found sabbath included my ideal start to my day.  Beginning my day at a less rushed pace, with a healthy breakfast, time to catch up on news, time to dwell in the Word, have a second cup of coffee and head out on a walk.

Intention, noticing and practice have helped me embrace a centered lifestyle.  As you read this stop with the reasons that this won’t work for you.  God’s people are all struggling from exhaustion, anxiety, stress and multiple challenges.  They are looking for leadership on how to live a life that aligns with their faith. A life that is modeled after Christ’s example while he walked on this earth, of going away to pray, to rest even in the midst of the storms.

“Teacher do you not care that we are perishing?” As the disciples fretted, Jesus was asleep in the stern.

This article was written by Deacon Tammy Devine. Deacon Devine is a Professional Certified Coach (ICF Certified), retreat facilitator, and ELCA Deacon—passionate about health, healing, and wholeness. Tammy is a strategic and systemic whole person promoter of well-being, through education and inspiration. She collaborates with thought leaders to facilitate and motivate whole person lifestyle choices and serves as an external wellness consultant and coach to integrate well-being. She earned a Master’s in Leadership from Luther Seminary, is a registered nurse (BA, Augustana University, Sioux Falls, SD), and has served as a parish nurse/coordinator.