The 2022 Nebraska Synod Assembly
June 2–4, 2022 ⎮ Younes Conference Center, Kearney, NE



The 2022 Nebraska Synod Assembly will gather in person this year! Voting members from congregations across the state will gather to engage in conversation, vote on resolutions, elect synod council and committee representatives, and vote on any other assembly business. All participants will have opportunities for continued learning, fellowship, and learn more about the ministries of the Nebraska Synod.

We gather this year under the theme of ‘Let Your Light Shine’. Our theme verse comes from Matthew 5:15-16. It is under this theme that we will remember and celebrate all that is made possible as God’s people and through God’s work with our hands, minds, hearts, and whole selves.

“No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.”

Details & Resources

  • Congregation Voting Member Formula
    Baptized Member Increments Voting Members
    0–174 1–2
    165–474 2
    475–774 2–3
    775–1,074 2–4
    1,075–1,474 2–5
    1,475–1,874 2–6
    1, 875–Up 2–7
  • Who is a voting member?

    Voting members are elected by their congregation and gather at Synod Assembly to make decisions about the synod’s governance, finances, and mission. In the ELCA, voting members are just that—members of a body (the assembly) with the privilege of voice and vote. They are not ‘delegates’ or ‘representatives’ of their home congregation or community. Voting members read assembly materials before the assembly and engage in prayer, conversation and deliberation at the assembly, attentive to the movement of the Holy Spirit in its midst to make the best decisions possible. All voting members have voice and vote and can either be Clergy (Pastors and Deacons) or Voting Members. At least 60% of the assembly must be Lay Voting Members, and as nearly as possible, the assembly is evenly divided by gender.

    • Rostered Ministers or Clergy refer to Pastors (Ministers of Word & Sacrament) and Deacons (Ministers of Word and Service) who are currently serving a congregation or work in a specialized ministry, those on leave from call, and retired pastors and deacons.
    • Lay Voters are voters who are not pastors or deacons. This includes congregation members, seminary students and interns, Parish Ministry Associates, and lay church staff. The number of lay voters sent from a congregation is dependent on the congregation’s baptized membership. Lay voting members must be members of their congregation.

    Generally speaking, all of those who serve as called or authorized pastoral leaders in congregations—including appointed PMAs, certain seminary candidates and clergy from Full Communion partner churches—are granted voice and vote at the assembly and are considered their congregation’s one “rostered minister.” They are not included in the congregation’s number of allocated lay voting members.

  • Housing & Reservations

    Individuals are responsible for reservation and payment of overnight lodging. On-Site housing is available through Younes Hospitality at at Group Rate. A credit or debit card is required to secure the reservations.  Rates and contact information are:

    • Comfort Inn: $114.95/night Standard Rooms ⎮ Contact (308) 236-3400
    • LaQuinta Inn: $114.95/night Standard Rooms ⎮ Contact (308) 237-4400
    • Fairfield Inn: $124.95/night Standard Rooms ⎮ Contact (308) 236-4200
    • Hampton Inn: $124.95/night Standard Rooms ⎮ Contact (308) 234-3400
    • Holiday Inn: $114.95/night Standard Rooms ⎮ Contact (308) 237-5791

    *Rates are shown per standard room, per night and do not include applicable taxes. Suites may be available at a higher rate. In order to access the group rate, you must call the hotel of your choice directly. Group rates will not be honored through any other reservation method.

    Younes Hospitality honors a 24 Hour Reservation Cancellation Policy. Guest room reservations must be canceled prior to 6:00PM on the day before the scheduled arrival date. Cancellations after this time will be billed for the first nights room charge plus tax. Those reservations that no-show the first night will be cancelled for any additional nights.