Stewardship Book Review: Financial Meltdown in the Mainline

The author of Financial Meltdown in the Mainline, Loren Mead, is the founder of the Alban Institute Caring About Congregations. Although the book is about 20 years old, most of the information is still relevant today.

Mead’s conviction is that money is not only is the Achilles heal of religious institutions, but it is also a subject that religious leaders on the whole avoid like the plague. I personally find it interesting that Jesus talked of money and stewardship regularly, but it seems to be a “no-no” in many churches.

The first half of the book is much about what is financially happening in the church, which is much the same today. Personally, I do not need to be sold on the facts that there are problems. I liked the second half of the book which gave suggestions of things that could be done to work on the problems. The book offers a number of ideas that could be brought into stewardship sermons.

– Bob Bauerle, member, Nebraska Synod Stewardship Table