Holy Land Accompaniment


The Nebraska Synod continues our journey of accompaniment with our Christian brothers and sisters in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land (The ELCJHL). This accompaniment is an extension of the three trips members of the Synod have made to the Holy Land over the past six years.

The Nebraska Synod Holy Land Accompaniment (NSHLA) offers various opportunities to be in partnership with the ELCJHL, including accompaniment trips and educational programming.

Exploring the Holy Land, Meeting the People


Join members and friends of the Nebraska Synod in a remarkable journey to the Holy Land (Israel, Modern Palestine, Jordan).  This learning opportunity is offered through the Nebraska Synod, the NSHLA group (Nebraska Synod Holy Land Accompaniment) and the Global Mission Team of the synod.

 April 16 – 28, 2018

The Nebraska group will visit this school in 2018 and visit with students and staff, as well as other Lutheran and Christian schools and churches.

Pastor Morrow, an assistant to the bishop of the Nebraska Synod, will be leading the 2018 traveling group as it visits holy sites and gets acquainted with the people in the Lutheran churches and many others in Israel and Jordan who will share their stories.


                     TENTATIVE SCHEDULE

●   Depart on April 16, 2018, from Omaha, travel to Tel Aviv via

     Chicago and Madrid, Spain.  Arrive and transfer to our guest house in Beit

     Jala in the Bethlehem area.

●   Travel north to the Galilee region in Israel, visiting Nazareth,

       Capernaum and enjoying a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee,

       as well; perhaps a visit to a kibbutz.

●    Cross into the country of Jordan to explore the ancient cities

       of Jerash and Petra; connect with the Lutheran church in

       Amman and perhaps visit the new Lutheran baptismal site

       on the Jordan River.

●    Back in Modern Palestine, spend three or four days in the

       Jerusalem area, becoming familiar with the Old City and

       visiting Augusta Victoria Hospital on the Mount of Olives;

       visiting two Lutheran churches and a new school; visit Yad

       Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in West Jerusalem.

●     Enjoy and learn from various speakers who will visit with us

       in the hotel or guest house on some evenings.

●     Depart from Tel Aviv for Omaha on April 28, 2018.






If you are at all interested, please contact Pastor Megan Morrow: 402-580-7222 or megan@nebraskasynod.org.




  • We’re excited to partner with the Western Iowa Synod of the ELCA to make their trip available to the Nebraska Synod, and to make our NSHLA trip available to their synod!
    The Western Iowa Synod Peace Not Walls Network trip runs April 1-16, 2018 with an add-on opportunity to spend Holy Week in Jerusalem.

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