Middle School Gathering

The Middle School Gathering is a highly interactive experience for youth in grades 6-8 and their adult leaders.  Each year the Middle School Gathering is held on a Saturday and Sunday in January, and while it lasts about 26 hours, the memories last a lifetime.


Why does the Middle School Gathering happen?  A group of people who help plan the MSG answered that question with these statements:

·       “Relationships are built, and it’s important to have good, healthy relationships during the middle school years.”
·       “It connects young people with young people across the state.”
·       “The young people get to meet others who love God.”
·       “It’s like a mini ELCA Youth Gathering.  Some of our middle school youth don’t know how big the church is.”
·       “It’s good for smaller churches without a large middle school ministry.”
·       “The MSG opens eyes to what is done outside their own congregations.  They can have new experiences and learn new ideas.”

The 2020 Nebraska Synod Middle School Gathering will be held at Carol Joy Holling Conference & Retreat Center near Ashland. It will start at 10am on January 11 and end at Noon on January 12.  Youth in grades 6-8 and their adult leaders are invited to participate.

Participants will have the chance to worship, sing, serve, eat and have fun together.  The theme this year is based on Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”   Check out the Middle School Gathering’s Facebook pagefor updates.

Registration Rates and Information:

·      Early bird (submitted on or before November 13, 2019):  $65

·      Regular registration (submitted November 14-December 6, 2019):  $70

·      Late registration (submitted December 7-December 23):  $75

·      Registrations are due by December 23, 2019.

·      If registration rates would keep someone from attending the MSG, please contact Lisa Krammeabout possible financial assistance.

·      A ratio of six youth to one adult is recommended.  It is strongly recommended that both male and female adult leaders register with a group if both male and female youth will be attending. If a group has both male and female youth but does not have both male and female adult leaders, that group will be matched with another group for cooperative supervision purposes.

·      Please register your group when you know who will attend, as we cannot accept placeholder names as a registration (for example, “Youth Female 1” or “Adult Male 2”) in order to qualify for early bird or regular registration rates.

·      Housing will be at Carol Joy Holling Conference & Retreat Center, and participants will receive information on what bedding they will need to bring based on where their lodging will be at Carol Joy Holling.  MSG planners assign participants to sleeping rooms. An adult leader with specific requests for roommate assignments for youth should email Lisa Krammeby December 6.

·      Meals included in the registration fee are Saturday lunch through Sunday breakfast.  Simple sack lunches to eat while traveling home on Sunday will be provided at no extra charge for those who request them.  Primary adult leaders will be sent an email in December about requesting Sunday sack lunches.  


Steps to Register:

1.     Have EACH youth and adult participant complete a Registration Form.

2.     The primary adult leader should use the registration forms to complete group registration online.

3.     Registration fees must be paid online with a credit card when your congregation registers.

4.     Each ADULT participant must complete a Volunteer Screening Formand return it by December 23 to Lisa Kramme at 6757 Newport Ave., Ste. 200, Omaha, NE 68152 OR lisakramme@nebraskasynod.org.

5.     If you need to request a refund, please note that the request will only be honored if emailed to Lisa Kramme by December 6.

6.     Bring the hard copy of the registration forms to the Middle School Gathering so an adult leader from your group can have them available for emergency purposes.

7.     Need to make changes after you’ve registered online?  For CANCELLATIONS, email Lisa Krammethe name of the person cancelling.  Requests for refunds will only be honored if emailed to Lisa Kramme by December 6.  For ADDITIONS made after your group has registered initially, simply enter the new person into the “Primary Adult Leader” section, noting in the “Fee” section that this person is a Youth. You will need to enter an email for the additional person that is different than the email used for your group’s initial registration.  If you are wanting to SUBSTITUTE one person for another, email Lisa Krammethe name of the person canceling and the name, gender, t-shirt size, emergency contact and special needs of the person being added as well as acknowledgement that their covenant and medical/photo release were signed. Substitutions made after December 23 are not guaranteed a t-shirt. 

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