Disaster Response

The Nebraska Synod stands ready to walk alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ who find themselves dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster. Typically, there are two types of disaster to which the Synod responds. The first type of disaster involves damage not only to individual property, but also to infrastructure and the community at large. In this type of disaster, the damage is so severe and widespread that the community and the area simply cannot recover on its own. When this type of disaster occurs, it is possible that Lutheran Disaster Response will be involved in the response through its designated agency in the state, Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska. The role of the Synod in cases such as these is to:

  • provide assistance to Lutheran Disaster Response and Lutheran Family Services as needed;
  • help communicate the needs of the community and area to the Synod's congregations;
  • help provide continuity of ministry to Nebraska Synod congregations in the community and area;
  • help raise funds to respond to needs as identified by the community, affected congregations and the responding agencies.

The second type of disaster involves damage primarily to private property. In this type of disaster, the damage is typically covered by insurance and the community has the capacity to recover. When this type of disaster occurs, the Synod will rely on local/area pastoral and lay leaders to advise them of any needs the community or individuals may have. The Synod may provide or seek funding through the Synod Disaster Fund, directed to local/area congregations, to help meet any identified needs. The Synod also will communicate those needs to congregations around the state who may wish to help. Those wishing to support disaster response on a generalized, national level, may do so through Lutheran Disaster Response. Those wishing to support disaster response on a more specific, localized level, may do so by giving to the Synod Disaster Fund below.


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If you are interested in supporting the Disaster response fund of the Nebraska Synod, please visit ourĀ online giving site.