Spiritual Practices for Leaders

During this time of isolation, we are experiencing situations we have never confronted before. As a leader in the Nebraska Synod, you may be feeling the loss of community with your congregation.  You may be struggling with the question, “Am I doing enough for my church?”  You may be having difficulty refilling your spiritual bucket since you find strength participating in and leading worship.  

During this time:

·      Know that you are not alone.

·      Be aware that this is a good time for self-reflection on where home is for you.

·      Seek intentional time to breathe.

·      Seek a sacred place for you to rest.

·      Do not hold back when talking to God.

·      Share your true self and your true feelings with God.

·      Maintain and deepen your spiritual life.

Spiritual practices are especially important right now in experiencing the love and grace of God for you. The Institute for Spiritual Direction Formation of the Nebraska Synod, Seeking the Spirit Within, is taking this opportunity to provide you with spiritual practices to help you during this time. We hope you find these spiritual practices support you on your spiritual journey and support you in your ministry. Check back on this page every week for the next five weeks for a new spiritual practice.


Peace and blessing to you and your families.

The Spiritual Practices for Nebraska Synod Leaders leadership team.

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