Wellness mini-grants available to Synod’s rostered leaders

Wellness mini-grants available to Synod’s rostered leaders

Thanks to the Nebraska Synod’s successful participation in the Portico health wellness assessment program over the past few years, the Synod is able to make individual wellness mini-grants available to rostered leaders.

Limited funding is available to provide mini-grants of up to $200 to rostered leaders seeking to address a matter of physical, spiritual or emotional wellness in their lives. Specifically, the purpose of the mini-grants is to help rostered leaders with current and prospective wellness needs. All it takes to apply for a wellness mini-grant is to send a written statement via mail or e-mail to the Synod office that includes the following information:

For what are you seeking a wellness mini-grant and how would it help you improve your physical, spiritual or emotional wellness?
Based on actual cost, how much funding is being requested?
Please include contact information for follow-up purposes only. All requests will be kept confidential.
Mini-grant requests will be forwarded to a review committee and processed on a monthly basis. The mini-grants will be available on a first-come, first-served basis until funding runs out.

Send or e-mail your wellness grant request to the Synod office.

By mail:

Nebraska Synod
ATTN: Wellness Grants
6757 Newport Ave., #200
Omaha, NE 68152

By e-mail:


For more information, contact Pastor Juliet Hampton at juliet@nebraskasynod.org.