The Nebraska Synod Road Show

The Nebraska Synod Road Show
Schedule for Saturday August 24, 2019
American Lutheran, 601 Ash Street, Adams

Walking Together: The Road Show (The Nebraska Synod World Tour)
Growing Disciples + Walking Together + Serving God’s World

SATURDAY August 24, 2019- Road Show #1- American Lutheran, Adams

8:00am Synod Staff, Council, and Volunteers Gather for quick meeting
8:30-9:30am Gathering of all those attending
9:30-9:40am Welcome and Centering Time- Who we are, why we’re here, and what we’re going to do, and 90 second video.
9:40-9:55am Contemplative/Centering Worship Time 

Growing Disciples

10:05-11:00am Workshop Session #1*
Workshops offered during this hour: 

·     Igniting Your Church Council to be Discipleship Leaders

·     RARE

·     Using Money- Treasurers, Finances and Budgets

11:00-11:05am Break/Transition Time

11:05am-12:00pm Workshop Session #2* 
Workshops Offered during this hour:

·     Equipping Leaders in Council and in the Congregation

·     Telling Your Story through Numbers with a Narrative Budget

·     Transforming Your Congregation’s Ministry

Walking Together

12:00-12:50pm Lunch/Table Conversations/Idea Sharing/Fellowship Time
12:50-1:00pm Transition Time to Afternoon Rotations
1:00-1:55pm Stories to Tell- Listening to Stories
1:55-2:05pm Transition Time

Serving God’s World

2:05-3:00pm Listening to Hopes
3:00-3:10pm Transition Time
3:10-3:45pm Closing Worship, Eucharist and Sending


Sunday, August 25, 2019

Available Nebraska Synod Staff & Synod Council Members will be attending Sunday worship at area congregations (Homestead and Rolling Hills Clusters). For inquiries about synod staff or council members attending your congregation, please email