Called to Love One Another- Seeking the Spirit Within Retreat

Saturday, February 15, 2020
9:00 am4:00 pm
St Paul's Lutheran- Grand Island

This year’s retreat day offered by Seeking the Spirit Within will include opportunities to become grounded and centered in God’s loving presence, cultivate compassion for ourselves and for others, and discern a compassionate action we personally feel called to do following the retreat. Appointments with certified spiritual directors will be available during the afternoon. At the close of our day, we will celebrate the Eucharist together.

Opening Bible study on John 15:12-17 with Rev. Dr. Rick Carlson
Morning Sessions facilitated by Certified Spiritual Directors
Self-Compassion: Offering Sanctuary to Yourself
In Jesus’ Name: Knowing Jesus and Looking for Jesus in the World
Listening for the Spirit: A Guided Discernment Exercise
Afternoon Workshops facilitated by Certified Spiritual Directors
Practicing Compassion in Relationships: Loving Even When It is Difficult
The Push/Pull of Self-Compassion: Boundaries and Serving Others
Fruits That Last: How Can What We Choose to Do Become Fruit that Lasts and Feeds People Throughout our Lives?     

Cost: $40