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Building Brave Families

A Retreat for Parents of Children Suffering with Anxiety

Today our children feel more worry than ever before—from their own expectations to pressures we as parents are unknowingly placing on them. Children need understanding, help, and hope. You can make a profound difference in their journey to finding all three.

Build community with parents going through similar struggles and support one another while learning and growing together.

At this day-long retreat you’ll gain:

  • understanding the what’s and why’s in terms of the differences between anxiety and worry and where your child is on the continuum

  • practical help with tools to overcome the worry that he or she will inevitably face

  • hope as your child discovers a sense of resilience that is stronger than any worry this age of anxiety can bring

You will come out of this retreat feeling not only more confident in your parenting, but also in your ability to help your child discover all of the courage that is already inside of them.

Details including date, location, cost, and schedule are available HERE

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