An invitation to firsthand experience of spiritual direction and exploration.

Would you like to explore prayer more deeply, or find new ways to experience true sabbath? Drinking from the Well may be just the experience for you. Created by Seeking the Spirit Within [highlighted to link to STSW page], this popular and highly accessible experience introduces participants to spiritual direction, and to varieties of prayer and sabbath from the Christian tradition.

Seeking the Spirit Within, the Nebraska Synod Institute for Spiritual Direction Formation created the Drinking from the Well program with the hopes of creating a space for individuals to have a deeper experience and understanding of spirituality.

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Through monthly online sessions and the fellowship of small groups, participants get to try out and reflect on a variety of spiritual practices. Spiritual practices are conscious and intentional actions that are filled with the sense of our relationship to God and others. These practices often help us gain perspective, seek solace, and connect more closely with your faith.

Ramona Edwards found it met her goals of “learning more about different prayer practices and enhancing her prayer life.” Since completing the program, she continues to expand her daily prayers.
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Sip From the Well

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Deacon Connie Stover

Director of Seeking the Spirit Within