Synod Council Notes June 2018

The Nebraska Synod Council took the following actions at its May 31, 2018 meeting:


·      Approved renewal of existing synod council call to Pr. Kristen Van Stee.

·      Extended synod council call to Pr. Anna Speiser to serve a hospice & hospital chaplain, Providence Medical Center, Wayne, NE.

·      Acknowledged transfer to the retired roster for Pr. Chris Farmer, Deacon Carl Rick Strong, Pr. Russell McDowell.

·      Approved appointments of Julie Schmidt, PMA and Pr. Tim Stadem to terms on the PMA Steering Committee.

·      Acknowledged the removal of Jennifer Wallwey from the Word and Service roster.

·      Acknowledged the churchwide call issued to Pr. Inba Inbarasa through the Bureau for Federal Chaplaincy Ministries.

·      Approved some congregation constitutions and bylaws.

·      Approved Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska Board of Director appointees Greg Schilling.

·      Approved appointments of NLOM Board of Directors appointees Carolyn Blobaum, Tom Birner, Michael Peck, Kris Bohac, Dale Fornander Sarah Willson.

·      Approved Assembly Minutes Committee members

·      Approved revised Synod Assembly agenda.

·      Approved Nebraska Synod Deacons Ministry Network

·      Approved Nebraska Synod Theological Educators Network

·      Approved designation of some  Lutheran Metro Ministries designated funds to support an urban ministry outreach effort in Omaha.  Amount to be determined.

·      Designated net proceeds of sale of St.James Lutheran Church of Edgar, NE to the Transformational Ministry Fund.

·      Elected Synod committee members.

o   Audit Committee: Robert King

o   Budget and Finance Committee: Terri Dreessen, Gwen Edwards, Tom Garvey, Gayle Wichman

o   Candidacy Committee: Jennifer Carnahan, Pr. Michelle Carlson, Pr. Jim Fruehling, Pr. Kathy Gerking, Pr. Glenda Pearson, Amy Wagner

o   Nominating Committee: Wayne Grupe, Pr. Andrew Chavanak, Pr. Patrick Sipes, Pr. Stephanie Tollefson, Amy Woods

·      Acknowledged four motions approved at the April 11 Executive Committee meeting:  Approving recommendation and rationale of the Resolutions, Reference and Counsel Committee pursuant to the Synod Assembly that Resolutions 2018:2 and 2013:3, be approved; approving purchase of computer for the PMA program; approval of appointment of James Fruehlingi to the Wartburg Theological Seminary Board of Directors

·      Expressed gratitude to synod council members whose terms ended with this meeting.