Synod Council Notes- December 2017

The Nebraska Synod Council took the following actions at its December 2017 meeting:

·      Approved 2018 housing allowances for rostered synod staff members

·      Approved sabbatical leave proposals for Assistant to the Bishop Megan Morrow and Lisa Kramme

·      Appointed Sheryl Kester Beyer to a 3-year term on the Synod Strategic Mission Vision Oversight Team

·      Appointed the following to the We Are Church Together Strategic Mission Vision Working Group for 2018-19:  Martha Atkins, Peggy Hall, Melvin Blair, Sheryl Kester Beyer, Miriam Blair, Kathryn Montira, Baron Cole, Bob Schlismann, Nancy Cole, Kristen Van Stee, James Fruehling, Heidi Wallace

·      Recommended changes in wording of Strategic Mission Vision goals C.2, C2.2 and C.2.3 at the request of the SMV Oversight Team: 

o   Goal C.2.: To revitalize Stewardship ministries of the Synod so that we build a culture of generosity and excitement about the God who first is generous with us, through mission partnerships, the stewardship of life and creation, and an understanding of year-round and holistic stewardship.

o   C.2.2: Pilot a stewardship program through first-call (and other interested/invited) rostered ministers in 2018-2019.

o   C.2.3: Conduct a rallying event at which first-call (and other interested/invited) rostered ministers share, learn, and then are equipped to teach other identified or interested congregations.

·      Approved transfer of funds to support Mission Field Nebraska ministries for 2017

·      Approved reduction of 2017-18 Mission Share as needed, conditional on grant discussion with churchwide

·      Approved constitutions for Grace/Lincoln, Holy Trinity/Sidney, St. John’s/Cozad, St. Michael’s/Omaha, St. Paul’s/Gilead, American/Filley, Luther Memorial/Syracuse

·      Approved the appointment of Danielle Hatfield (Bethany, Elkhorn) and Linda Kenedy (Rejoice!, Omaha) to the Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Board of Directors

·      Appointed Rob King to continue to serve as chair of the Audit Committee