Synod Council Notes- June 2017

The Nebraska Synod Council took the following actions at its June 2017 meeting:

·      Approved the recommendation of the PMA Steering Committee that Janet K. Anderson be certified as a Parish Ministry Associate.

·      Approved the appointment of the following members of the 2018 Synod Assembly Planning Team, to be joined by up to five additional members appointed by the Executive Committee:  Rev. Marcia Dorn, Trinity/Wolbach; Rev. Miles Ruch, United/Hampton & Messiah/Aurora, Rev. Steve Meysing, Synod staff liaison.

·      Approved the transfer of funds from several Council Designated Fund accounts to the Parish Ministry Associates Fund, to provide needed resources to grow the PMA program.  Funds to be released upon review and approval of the Executive Committee.

·      Received and endorsed actions of the Executive Committee taken electronically since the March meeting authorizing expenditure of LMM dedicated funds to provide for the razing of the Lutheran Metro building adjacent to Fontanelle Community Church/Nile Lutheran Chapel and to approve revisions to the 2017 Synod Assembly Agenda.

·      Approved the separation of SC Resolution 8 regarding Synod Constitution amendments into two resolutions since the proposed amendments that arose from the 2016 Churchwide Assembly and those amendments proposed by Synod Council require different voting majorities.  Churchwide amendments require a simple majority while Synod Council amendments require approval by a two-thirds majority.

·      Supported Augustana Lutheran, Omaha’s, application to be an Horizon Internship Site and pledged funds from the Equity and Synod Properties Fund to support the internship.

·      Approved changes to constitutions and bylaws for St. John’s, Daykin and St. John (Shell Creek), Columbus.

·      Confirmed the appointments of Sharon Arganbright, Robert Ball, Lawrence Chatters and Linda Miller to the Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Board of Directors.