Synod Council Notes - June 2016

The Nebraska Synod Council took the following actions at its June 2016 meeting:

  • Approved a housing allowance change for Pastor Robert Bryan, director of prison ministry for the Nebraska Synod.
  • Approved the appointment of the 2017 Nebraska Synod Assembly Planning Team.
  • Approved a sabbatical plan for Pastor Steve Meysing, assistant to the bishop.
  • Approved a call for Timothy Siburg, director of stewardship, as an associate in ministry.
  • Affirmed the Nebraska Synod’s 1997 Statement of Policy Regarding Sexual Misconduct by Members of the Clergy and Rostered Lay Persons, and approved a model Policy on Sexual Harassment and Misconduct.
  • Approved an adjustment in compensation and benefits for Bishop Brian Maas.
  • Approved appointments to the memberships of various Synod committees and task forces.
  • Confirmed the appointments of members to the Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Board of Directors.
  • Approved constitutional revisions for Augustana Lutheran Church in Omaha.