Synod Council Notes - December 2014

The Synod Council took the following actions at its December 2014 meeting:

  • Received and reviewed the initial report from the Synod Vision and Mission Team.
  • Appointed Judy Batterman to the Synod Council to replace Betty Wilken, who resigned.
  • Appointed Patrick Gregory to serve as the Synod Council’s representative on the Synod Nominating Committee.
  • Appointed Pastor Sylvia Karlsson to the Seeking the Spirit Within Advisory Board.
  • Appointed Pastor Kristen Van Stee as the chairperson of the Synod Global Mission Committee.
  • Approved appointments of Rob Johnson and Bob Lanik to the Immanuel Board of Directors.
  • Authorized the transfer Synod investments from current accounts to the ELCA’s Fund A.
  • Approved funding from the Synod Contingency Fund of up to $15,000 for support of the Nile Lutheran Chapel, a Synod Sudanese ministry in north Omaha.
  • Approved $10,000 of funding for relocation of the Nebraska Synod office.
  • Approved various housing allowances for rostered leaders employed by the Nebraska Synod.
  • Designated the 2015 Synod Assembly offering for support of Missionaries and Young Adults in Global Mission as part of the Campaign for the ELCA.
  • Affirmed a discounted Synod Assembly registration fee for youth and young adults under the age of 30.
  • Approved various constitutions, bylaws and continuing resolutions submitted by Nebraska Synod congregations.