Strategic Mission Vision Update - September 2016

The Strategic Mission Vision Oversight Team reports the following progress for September 2016.

“We Are Church” Working Group

After the introduction of the theme at Synod Assembly, the focus has turned to two other steps: (1) Offer regional Synod gatherings of congregations for a celebration of being the Church. (2) Developing a five-week study and preaching series for congregations to use during Lent 2017 with the theme “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.” The study and material will be unveiled at Theo-Con. Also included is a “dinner church worship” format that will be used at Theo-Con so leaders can experience and consider something different.

“We Are Lutheran” Working Group

The following members of this working group have been recruited: Rev. Amanda Jertson Talley, Rev. Nathan Metzger, Rev. Heather Brown, Paul Weber, Cortney Wilder, and Rev. Scott Frederickson. Rev. Tim Koester is serving as coordinator of the group and liaison to the strategic oversight group. The group is setting their first meeting date and looks forward to framing a discussion about what it means to be Lutheran in the world we live in today.

Young Adult Working Group

This group has discussed possible directions for carrying out the goal, with a focus on helping congregations/leaders better understand and begin to reach across the disconnect with young adult culture that makes it challenging to welcome/incorporate/appreciate young adults in their communities. Finally, we tasked all group members to set up conversations/meetings with individuals or small groups of young adults, using a discussion tool that the group has created for this. Members will report their findings to one group member, who will compile them.

Seniors Working Group

Bishop Maas and Rev. Sarah Cordray are working from a list of nine possible participants to recruit for this goal. We are asking them for a two-year commitment. Their first meeting will be in October 2016. We hope to have them meet with the Youth Adult Working Group as well. It still may be possible to have this group assist in planning a seniors and youth mission trip next summer.

The Oversight Vision Team on June 14 and Sept. 1, 2016. Other areas of vision are also being tended to through designated staff and committees.