Leadership in the Church- Pam Anderson


My Parish Ministry Associate journey began when I heard God call me to “get closer,” and “do more” in his church. The PMA program was just what I needed: education to equip me for work in the church. I was excited to begin studies in 2003, and enjoyed the learning. There were three of us who rode to the seminars together, and we had lots of time for discussion and debate.

I should have been certified in 2006, but didn’t pass the certification interview – it was the weirdest thing, like we were not speaking the same language! So, I survived the embarrassment, watched my buddies get certified at Synod Assembly, waited a year, learned some more, and passed the interview in 2007 with no language problems. I was certified as a PMA at the Synod Assembly that year.

Throughout this journey, I’ve been supported by my husband Dale, our family, and the people from our home congregation at Immanuel Lutheran in Chadron.

At the end of 2009, Bishop deFreese asked if I would serve at St. Peter’s. I said ‘yes,’ and away we went! Much of the first few years I felt like I was ‘flying by the seat of my pants,’ but it was great! I love to create worship services, I love to lead worship, and I love the people at St. Peter’s! We are a small congregation in a farming community, with amazingly loving and supportive people. There could be no better place for me to preach God’s word, share God’s love, and serve God’s church!