Holy Cross Mini Middle School Gathering

Last Spring, we held a mini Middle School Gathering for our youth at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.  Lisa Kramme ran this event and gave us $20 for each youth that attended. We were provided with $220 in seed money and were encouraged to grow our money so that we could provide for others.  The inspiration for providing for others came from Matthew 25: 35-40 and was the theme of our mini Middle School Gathering.

As we talked with our Holy Cross youth, we bounced around several ideas about how we could help others and one floated to the top.  The kids believed that the best thing we could do with that money is invest in someone’s future. In Matthew 25, there is a story about a man who gives money to his 3 servants and goes travelling.  When he returns, two of his servants have used their talents and wisdom to grow the money. God provides us with opportunities to help others and by doing so we are serving Him. He wants us to use our talents and passions to make the world a better, more loving place in His honor.  With this story in mind, we were inspired to create a college scholarship for a financially needy student.

With that in mind, we took our $220 and purchased some items to be raffled off at an auction after church.  We also had our youth to talk to the congregation about considering donating items to be raffled off for this good work.  We then sold raffle tickets to our congregation, families, and friends. We raised a total of $678 at our raffle, which was wonderful!  

We decided it would be best to create a $500 scholarship for a financially needy high school student and to reserve the remaining money to continue this scholarship on for next year.  We created our scholarship application and ended up with 20 applicants. The scholarship team (our youth, Pastor Kathee Forrest and Middle School Sunday School teacher Angie Vogel) reviewed the scholarship applications.  We had so many deserving applicants that it made for a very tough decision! We then had an anonymous donation of $250 to add to our scholarship fund, so we were able to select 3 scholarship winners: 1 winner received $500 and the other 2 received $125 scholarships.  Our youth invited the winners to church and a reception following the service. Attached is a picture of 2 of our 3 winners with two of our middle school youth. From left to right: Middle School Youth members Kasha Gartner and Brooklynn Bahnsen, $500 scholarship recipient Trevor Schmale, and $125 scholarship recipient Sam Steffen.  Angela Thornburg, our other $125 winner, is not pictured. God has guided our youth group to see this scholarship project through and this is a project we are very passionate about. We hope to be able to provide this scholarship every year.


Story & photo provided by Angela Vogel