Leadership Devotion- March 2017

Devotions for March 2017


Recently, I challenged members of our congregation to share their faith by using electronic media.  I wondered aloud how the use of twitter, facebook and other social media could impact our congregation and our neighbors. So, after the annual meeting I posted on facebook that I had attended church that day and that First experienced a positive annual meeting followed by breaking bread together.


A cousin of mine, an ELCA pastor in Ohio, responded that the congregation he serves calls their annual meeting a CELEBRATION!!  A time to celebrate indeed!  The annual meeting, council meetings and other congregational meetings are an opportunity to share the good news of our congregation and the Good News of Jesus Christ.  These are opportunities that are often missed.  Instead we languish over our “problems”.  We may focus on “woulda, shoulda, coulda” and he said, she said.


The congregation that I attend has simplified its mission statement to just a few words. “Celebrate, Love, and Serve our Lord in and through the Word of God”.  We end each worship service with these words.


Celebrate! I believe that the best leaders in our churches and “out there in the world” are positive and know the value of lifting up those who meet and exceed expectations, and live the values of their church, business or organization.  As Christians do we keep success and positive experiences to our selves or do we share with others?


One of my favorite hymns is “I Love to Tell the Story”  We sang it often when I was in Bible school and Sunday School.  Jesus certainly gives us the example of telling the story through His teaching.  The parables tell a story and Jesus makes his point with vivid depictions of life of the times.


I invite each of you to be leaders by telling the story of Jesus love with a wide variety of methods.  Tell the story with electronic media, pictures, song, conversations and of course through our actions.  Many people will not remember the best theological points of a sermon but they will remember a story told to make a point.  We lead by example.  They will know we are Christians by our love!


Let us pray:  Gracious Lord, We thank you for the gift of another day.  A day when we can tell your story.  Today and every day we celebrate your amazing grace and love with others by our words and actions.  Guide us as we tell your story.  Give us peace in knowing that you are always with us.




Leon Schiermeyer, PMA from First Lutheran in Nebraska City.  Member of the Leadership Development Table