Nebraska Synod Annual Fund

Nebraska Synod Annual Fund

As we move forward in our effort to create a Culture of Philanthropy within the Synod, I was reminded of a quote by a fellow Resource Development colleague, “To be philanthropic, you must give without requiring something in return….”.  Scripture also bears out this concept and adds that we should give with a “cheerful heart”.

Our Annual Fund this year, and for years to come, will focus on this concept.  Gifts to the fund will go for general support, not specific areas of ministry.  This means we can use these dollars where they are needed most at that moment, allowing us to be nimble and quick to meet immediate opportunities as well as fund new ministries as needed.  Our Annual Fund, along with our Major Giving efforts will provide us with a comprehensive and sustainable giving program.

Please consider a gift of 50, 100, 200 dollars or more that will advance the Mission and Vision of the Nebraska Synod.  Gifts may be given as a one-time cash gift or as a monthly donation.  A monthly gift of 10 dollars at this time would equal a $90 gift for the year (there are nine months left in the Synod’s budget year). A gift of $20 would mean $180 and $25 would mean $225 for the year.  Gifts can be made on-line at Click on GIVE NOW and choose Annual Fund. Check the box at the bottom to make it a monthly gift.  It’s that simple.

Your passion for ministry and support of the Nebraska Synod is a great testament to your love for Christ and the church.  Thank you!


Ted Asay

Director of Development

Nebraska Synod