Ministering to Grieving People – A Learning Opportunity for Laity and Clergy.

Thursday, February 4, 2021
9:30 am10:30 am
Online series
Ministering to Grieving People – A Learning Opportunity for Laity and Clergy.

"One minute I think I am okay, and the next minute I am on the floor crying.  My husband died three months ago, and now I think I'm going crazy.  Am I?"

"I feel like a terrible Christian.  If I really had faith in God, I wouldn't hurt so badly.  I know my wife is in heaven, but I don't know how to go on without her.  Can you help me?"

"This pandemic has really done a number on me.  2020 has been such an unbelievable year of loss.  I want to help my friends and church members to process their grief and to mourn their losses, but I am not sure how to even begin."

Have you ever had statements such as these addressed to you?  If so, this training will give you a fresh approach to ministering to grieving People.  Whether you are a rostered leader or a lay member of a congregation, you are regularly in contact with individuals who are facing loss.  This 4-session workshop is for you.

Dr. Don Eisenhauer, founder of Coaching at End of Life, pastor and Master Certified Coach will walk with us, creating brave and safe space for our conversation. This is a 4-session, interactive, online, workshop. Don was one of our presenters at our fall Re.Formation (theological) leadership event. We are pleased to have him back sharing insights that will help us support friends who are experiencing loss and, in turn, help us acknowledge our own grief.

We will gather on for 4 Thursdays in February;
-February 4, 9:30-10:30 am Central/8:30-9:30am Mountain time.
-February 11, 9:30-10:30 am Central/8:30-9:30am Mountain time.
-February 18, 9:30-10:30 am Central/8:30-9:30am Mountain time.
-February 25, 9:30-10:30 am Central/8:30-9:30am Mountain time.

Registration deadline is Monday, February 1. The 4-session workshop is just $30/person. You are encouraged to participate with a caring partner from your congregation.

In the first session we will answer the question, "What is Grief?"  We will examine the reality of grief, discuss the church's view on grief, and talk about the difference between grief and mourning.

Session two will address some very practical ways one can minister to grieving people, including basic skills that can be put into practice.

In Session three we will examine how to find hope in the midst of grief.  In the ELCA we are all about hope, but in the year 2020 hope has been pretty hard to find.

Then we will expand our thinking in session four, asking how can we develop an "End of Life Safe" church?  We will explore some ways that our faith communities can be a help to grieving people, rather than a hindrance, which is now often the case.

Dr. Eisenhauer shares, “In addition to learning how to minister to other grieving people, I pray you will find this time together to be a safe - and even brave space for you to bring your fears, your questions, your grief, your anxiety, - and yes, even your hope!”

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