4th LWF International Seminar for Lay People

Monday, June 29, 2020Thursday, July 9, 2020

Invitation to the Fourth International Seminar for Lay People in Church Leading Positions from June 29 – July 9, 2020 in Wittenberg and Geneva
Honorable Bishops or Presidents, dear Sisters and Brothers in leading positions in the member churches of the Lutheran World Federation,
as you know the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is focusing on education on different levels, in different settings and for different targeting groups. The LWF Center in Wittenberg on behalf of the LWF Communion Office in Geneva has offered for many years now seminars for pastors and ordained church leaders. Since 2017 the LWF has started a program for “Lay People in Church Leading Positions”, offering an International Seminar to lay leaders from all regions of the world, coming together in a joint travel to Wittenberg (Germany) and Geneva (Switzerland).
The seminars so far have been very successful. All participants asked us to continue with such an offer to the lay leaders within the member churches of LWF in order to get more theological insight, to experience the communion of the Lutheran World Federation and to strengthen their own Lutheran identity.
Therefore, we are happy to invite Lay Leaders from the different member churches of the LWF to the
Fourth International Seminar for Lay People in Church Leading Positions
on “Exploring Lutheran Identity”,
June 29 – July 9, 2020, in Wittenberg and Geneva.
The seminar will start on June 29, 2020, at the LWF Center Wittenberg. Participants will have the opportunity to get insights into Luther’s life and theology, to reflect on Lutheran identity in the light of today’s challenges, to visit the historical sights but also meet people in Wittenberg in their daily life and faith. Besides study work, the program offers opportunities to deepen one’s spiritual life at the origins of Lutheran faith and tradition. The study sessions will be led by Rev. Anupama Hial (India) and Dr. Rudolf Ficker (Germany); the all-encompassing program will be conducted by Rev. Inken Wöhlbrand, Director, and Rev. Joachim Zirkler, Director of Studies.
On July 6, the group will travel together to the Lutheran World Federation in Geneva. Under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Philip Lok, Asia Secretary at the Communion Office of LWF, the participants will learn about the organization and work of the Lutheran World Federation at its Headquarters.
On July 9, 2019, the participants will travel home directly from Geneva.
We kindly ask you to identify appropriate participants in your churches and fill the attached nomination form until February 29, 2020.

Please, observe the following requirements:
Excellent knowledge of English is required, since the seminar will be conducted in English.
An endorsement of the leadership of the church is required (see nomination form).
Participants from churches in Northern America, Australia, Korea and Northern and Western Europe have to cover the seminar costs for travel, accommodation and food (850 €). We expect that the sending church and the individual participant contribute both to the seminar costs (see nomination form).
Deadline to send back the nomination form is February 29, 2020. As there may be more applications than capacities for participation, we will inform all applicants about their acceptance resp. refusal as quickly as possible.
Official letters of invitation, health insurance (if necessary), information about the visa process and details about the flight booking will be sent at a later stage to those participants who have been accepted for participation.