Nebraska Synod Welcomes New Communications Manager

Bishop Brian Maas and the Nebraska Synod Staff are excited to announce the hiring of the synod's new Communications Manager, Brenda Rivas. There were a number of fantastic candidates, and we are grateful for all of them and for the discernment process. Brenda's first day was Monday March 20th. Please join the synod staff in welcoming her on board.

To get to know a bit about Brenda's story, we invited Brenda to share a little about herself below: 

As the youngest child in a very creative family, I discovered a love for art and creative writing at an early age. Growing up in Massachusetts provided me many opportunities to create art and literary works for school, exhibitions, and publishing.

I traveled far from home to further my education at Iowa State University, where I received a bachelor’s of science in Scientific Communication and Illustration. I decided to stay in the Midwest and moved to Chicago, where I attended graduate school at DePaul University. I received a master’s of art in New Media Studies at DePaul and lived in Chicago for about ten years.  I spent most of my time in Chicago gaining professional experience in marketing design and communications, and volunteering with educational non-profits. 

I taught Spanish and computer literacy to children and adults, and volunteered at summer educational camps for the children of migrant workers. In 2012 I moved to Omaha in hopes of attaining a PhD. For the last four years, I have been gaining more experience in educational and marketing multimedia and communications at Bellevue University. I enjoy writing, designing, photography, and video editing for both professional and personal purposes.  I also enjoy volunteering and reading in my spare time.